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Community Development
RECYCLE HERE! Community Recycling Outreach Program (CROP)

Disposal of garbage
has always been a growing challenge in society especially in our public spaces. Much of the indiscriminate littering of otherwise reusable material including plastic and glass bottles is a matter of concern for all of us.

Technical Systems Ltd
RECYCLE HERE! Community Recycling Outreach Program is geared at changing the public’s attitude and behaviour when it comes to disposing of trash made up of recyclable content. In doing so the Technical Systems Ltd has developed, attractive Community/Outdoor Recycling Station that beautifies the communities they are place in while saving our environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling of waste otherwise disposed of to landfills.

The use of these bins is expected to facilitate and increase recycling trends within the communities, so that the rate of our landfills filling up with obvious recyclables is decreased.

The Recycling Stations additionally provides local businesses, organizations, and companies the opportunity to contribute to improving local communities by advertising on the Outdoor Recycling Stations using professional photographic prints.

Contact Us now for more information about the program including how to sponsor a Community Recycling Station in your neighbourhood.

Educating the Public on
 Sustainable Practices

Preserving our Green Spaces…

3 Part Recycling Station

Sponsor a Recycling Station

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The Headlines
New Earth Organics receives New Attractive Recycling Bin!

New Earth Organics Enterprises recently received their new Community Recycling Bin donated by Technical Systems Ltd. to enhance their community recycling program.

Keep up the good work you all!

ITAL Revolution – by Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh

Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh has written a book about the struggle and the people involved in preserving Trinidad and Tobago's pristine environment. This is a great book and will make for very interesting and informative reading.

Call Rhea Mungal at 636-4785 or 769-4672 to find out how you can purchase a copy.

Community Recycling Outreach Program Launch SOON!!!

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