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GreenTnT.org - Local Favourite www.greentnt.org
Emerald Planet - - Your Sustainable Link www.emerald-planet.org
Basel Action Network -  www.ban.org
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New Earth Organic Enterprises www.suneaters.com
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About Us
Technical Systems Limited is committed to building a global resource for sustainable products, waste management services, tools, and information. Our aim is to help consumers align values with action by providing sustainable products and services.

Our products and services are centred on preservation of our environment through sensible management of waste we all produce while providing education on every level on the importance of developing sustainable practices.

We invite you to join us in bringing sustainability to the workplace, communities and homes everywhere.
Our Team
Technical Systems Limited management team has over 8 years experience working in the waste management discipline specializing in E-Waste Management. We adhere to a 0% to landfill policy to ensure none of your waste ends up in our or anyone else’s landfills.

By merging technology and the environment, we provide the right solutions to meet our clients’ needs, while contributing positively to environmental conservation and preservation through education.

In focusing some of our efforts to our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are always willing to assist the communities we work in.
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Technical Systems Directors attends
The 5th Summit of Americas 2009

Booth Expo at
Hyatt Regency Trinidad 2008.

New Earth Organics Ent. receives
New Recycling Bin courtesy
Technical Systems
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